Do you have a profitable business that is sometimes short of cash? Could a better cash flow make your business more profitable?


Are you currently receiving payments under a legal obligation such as a promissory or business note? Want to convert that note into instant cash?

Associates Financial Solutions represents national funding sources who purchase these payment streams for CASH NOW! We specialize in assisting individuals and businesses through their cash flow challenges. We are proud to be an outstanding member of the American Cash Flow Association.


Your #1 source of cash for future payments.


  Auto Loans


Funding available for the following types of Cash Flows:

Residential and commercial notes
Viaticals and Life Insurance Policies
Accounts Receivables
Medical Receivables
Lottery Winnings
Automobile portfolios
Mobile home notes
Delinquent Consumer Debt portfolios
RV and business vehicle notes


Please Note: We are not affiliated with "Associates Financial" mortgage lender, credit card services, or collections agency.