About Us


Associates Financial Solutions is a Professional Cash Flow Consulting Firm committed to provide our clients with the best, fastest, and most convenient solution to their cash flow dilemmas. We are dedicated to honesty, integrity and customized personal service and customer satisfaction.

We are Nationwide BUYERS of Business Notes, Real Estate Notes, Private Mortgages, Automobile Notes, Inheritances, Invoices and other Income Streams. We pay CASH for your future payments! Our goal is to provide ongoing cash flow assistance to individuals and businesses.

Our Services Include:

Business Based: Payments to a Business by Another Business. Accounts Receivables, Financing Aircraft Leases, Asset Based Credit Lines, Bankruptcy Receivables, Commercial Leases, Delinquent Commercial Debt, Commercial Debt Management Equipment Leases, International Receivables, Medical Receivables, Financing Purchase Orders (We can fund material costs for contracts) Sports Contracts Vendor Paper.

Insurance Based: Paid to Individuals by Insurance Companies. Annuities, Casino Winnings, Class Action Lawsuit Awards, Funeral Purchase Assignments, Personal Injury Claims, Structured Settlements, Viatical Settlements.

Consumer Based: Originated by a Consumer and Paid to a Business. Accounts Receivables, Aircraft Leases, Asset Based, Credit Lines, Bankruptcy Receivables, Commercial Leases, Construction Receivables, Delinquent Commercial Debt, Electronic Fund Transfers, Equipment Leases, Fractional Ownership Interests (Equipment Timeshares), International Receivables, Letters of Credit, Medical Receivables, Partnership Agreements and Interests Purchase Orders (Materials Financing), Sports Contracts, Vendor paper.

Government Based: Paid by State or Federal Governments. Conservation Reserve Payments Farm Production Flexibility Contracts, Lottery Winnings.

Collateral Based: Secured by Tangible Goods or Pledged by a Business. Automobile Notes and Portfolios, Aircraft Notes, Business Notes, Collectable Notes, Condominium Assessments, Developer Paper, Distressed Property, Equipment Notes, Foreclosures, Homeowner Association Assessments, Land Notes, Marine Notes, Mobile home Notes, (with or without land) Motor Home Notes, Private Mortgage Notes, Real Estate Lease Options, RV Notes, Tax Deeds, Tax Liens, and Tax Certificates.

Contingency Based: Legal Ownership is a Prime Factor. Commercial Judgments, Commissions, Consumer Judgments, Corporate Charitable Contributions, Franchise Fees, Royalty Payments, Sales Revenue.


Please Note: We are not affiliated with "Associates Financial" mortgage lender, credit card services, or collections agency.