Viaticals and life insurance policies


We provide a financial option for the seriously or terminally ill and healthy seniors. You can become the beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy and access the cash you need now, to help you survive. Most life insurance policies may qualify.

Associates Financial Solutions will work to secure you the highest cash offer for your existing life insurance policy! Our staff of dedicated professionals will walk you through every step of the viatical process to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with any and all questions. There is never a cost or obligation for you to accept any offer presented.

Let Associates Financial Solutions show you how you can turn your life insurance policy into cash today with our quick and easy life settlements program. Why keep paying those expensive premiums for coverage you don't need? Why surrender the policy for less than it is worth through us? Why let it lapse and get absolutely nothing?


"A viatical settlement can be beneficial to cancer patients..."
-American Cancer Society