Our primary service is to improve the cash flows for businesses and individuals. The following is a partial list of cash flows that we can provide funding for. If you have any kind of streaming income that is not listed below, please call or email us for more information.

Collateral Based
Notes secured by tangible goods or pledged by a business such as:
Residential and commercial notes.
Mobile home notes
Equipment notes
Marine notes
Aircraft notes
Automobile portfolios
RV and business vehicle notes
Condominium assessments
Tax lien certificates

Business Based
When banks are not lending money or credit is not available, Associates Financial Solutions can help. We are not a lending institution. We are an affordable alternative dedicated to turning your valuable business assets into cash. Our unique and customized financial solutions will allow your business to maintain a substantial profit and thereby expand your opportunities to create more business for your company. Here is a brief list of Business-Based cash flows:
(Business or Government Payor)
Accounts Receivables
Medical Receivables
Commercial leases
Construction receivables
Aircraft leases
Bankruptcy receivables
Purchase orders
Sports contracts
Equipment leases

Government Based
Notes that are paid by the State or Federal Governments.
Farm Production Contracts
Conservation Reserve Payments
Lottery Winnings

Consumer Based
Notes that are originated by a consumer and paid to a business
Delinquent consumer debt portfolios
Timeshare and vacation club memberships
Accounts Receivables
Aircraft Leases
Asset Based
Credit Lines
Bankruptcy Receivables
Commercial Leases
Construction Receivables
Delinquent Commercial Debt
Electronic Fund Transfers
Equipment Leases
Fractional Ownership Interests
International Receivables
Letters of Credit
Medical Receivables
Partnership Agreements and Interests Purchase Orders (Materials Financing)
Sports Contracts
Vendor paper

Insurance Based
Paid to Individuals by Insurance Companies
Casino Winnings
Class Action Lawsuit Awards
Funeral Purchase Assignments
Personal Injury Claims
Structured Settlements
Viaticals and Life Insurance Policies


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